Indosan Nippon Japanese Temple


Indosan Nippon Japanese Temple reflecting Japanese architecture and deep rooted Buddhist preaching is located near Mahabodhi Temple and shares its boundary wall with Royal Bhutanese Monastery in Bodhgaya. The temple constructed in 1972 is one of the most well maintained and attended temples. Apart from this temple the Japanese Government and people have funded many projects for preservation and spread of Buddhism and Buddha’s preaching. A primary school is being run in the temple premises which is an admirable gesture.

The temple is in Pagoda style and resembles a typical Japanese shrine. Use of wood in interiors and ceiling marks Japanese architecture. A visit to this temple ensures the feel of being in Japan.From the entrance Gate to the temple and the statue of Lord Buddha, everything is made in Japanese Style. The temple has a gallery of Japanese paintings that reveal notable events from the life of Gautam Buddha and is carved with Buddhistpreaching’s.

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